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Tri-County Amateur Radio Club
Every Thursday at 8:00 pm
Our weekly net meets every Thursday at 8:00 pm on the 145.290 MHz repeater, which has a negative offset and an 88.5 Hz tone.  If you are in or near Thomasville, you should also be able to join us via a simplex link on 445.975 MHz operated by NL7UP -- even if all you have is an HT with a rubber duck antenna!

Our net is normally also available via several other local repeaters on 6 meters, 2 meters, 1.25 meters ("220"), and 70cm ("440"):
 6 meters
2 meters
 1.25 meters

EchoLink: KF4OVA-R (Node #477057) & WW4DC-R (Node #45929)
IRLP: Node 8311

If the 145.290 repeater fails, we may conduct the net on the 146.865 repeater, above.

This is an informal net that promotes fellowship, information, and fun for all.  While it is informal, it is also still a directed net, so you should direct your comments to the net controller and wait to be recognized before making an extended transmission.

After a short preamble, net control will ask if club officers have any announcements regarding club business.  The rest of the net is just a friendly swap and ragchew session.

Always remember to leave a nice, healthy pause (3 seconds or more) to allow the linking system and all the individual repeaters to drop completely between transmissions. Otherwise, one or more of them will "time out."  Watch your S-meter and be sure the carrier has completely dropped before you key down again.

Our Net Controllers
Any club member may serve as a net controller -- just contact KF4QDS (John, our net manager) to arrange it.

Subject to change by the net manager, the following
schedule ordinarily applies each month:

1st Thursday: W4DAE, David
2nd Thursday: W8LWX, John
3rd & 4th Thursday: KF4QDS, John
5th Thursday (if there is one): KJ4UYR, Janice

Questions? Comments? Suggestions?
Contact the Net Manager

Need the script? Click here or on the Mad Hatter at the top of this page.  Or get it from the Downloads page.
Coming Up
Thursday Feb. 09 at 20:00
8pm NC4AR net 145.290

Thursday Feb. 16 at 20:00
8pm NC4AR net 145.290

Saturday Feb. 18 at 11:30
11:30 Monthly Meeting at Tres Amigos

Thursday Feb. 23 at 20:00
8pm NC4AR net 145.290

Sunday Feb. 26
NC QSO Party party at KK4RR shack

Thursday Mar. 02 at 20:00
8pm NC4AR net 145.290

Thursday Mar. 09 at 20:00
8pm NC4AR net 145.290

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