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Net Controller Script
Last Revised: January 17, 2019

The time is 8 pm and this is      (callsign)     calling the Tri-County Amateur Radio Club's Thursday Night Net into session.

This net meets every Thursday night at 8 pm on the NC4AR repeater, 145.290 MHz, with a minus offset and an access tone of 88.5.  If the 145.290 repeater fails, we will use the 147.000 repeater, which has a positive offset and an 88.5 tone.

We are also linked to other local repeaters on 2 meters, 6 meters, 10 meters, 220, and 440.  For a complete list, go to our website, NC4AR.org, and click on "Thursday Net."

This net gives local hams a chance to keep up with club news, ragchew, and talk about any ham-related gear they might want to buy, sell, or trade.  Any licensed ham is welcome to participate.  You do not need to be a member of the club.

This is a directed net.  Address all transmissions to the net controller and wait to be recognized.  When I call for check-ins, state your callsign and name, and say "mobile" or "portable" if you are mobile or portable.  Please do all of this in a single transmission instead of trying to let the repeater drop in the middle of it -- it's better for the linking system.

To keep all the linked repeaters from timing out, we ask everyone to run a "slow key."  Remember that the repeater you hear is not the only one on the system.  They all need to drop between transmissions.  Listen for the squelch tail, let your repeater drop, and then count to three before you key down on the mike again.

For the latest information about the Tri-County Amateur Radio Club, including upcoming meetings, club events, license test sessions in Thomasville, and how to become a member of the club, please go to our website, NC4AR.org.

Check-ins are now welcomed from anyone, anywhere.    Please call            (callsign)             , or net control, now.

[Handle check-ins]


On behalf of the Tri-County Amateur Radio Club, NC4AR, I would like to thank all who checked in tonight.  Please join us again next week, and on every Thursday night, at 8 pm, on these same repeaters.

We now close this net and return all repeaters to routine amateur use.  73s to all.  This is             (callsign)           , clear.
Coming Up
Thursday Mar. 28 at 08:00
8pm NC4AR Net 145.290

Thursday Apr. 04 at 08:00
8pm NC4AR Net 145.290

Thursday Apr. 11 at 08:00
8pm NC4AR Net 145.290

Friday Apr. 12
Last day for Executive Board to grant hardship waivers

Friday Apr. 12
Members with unpaid dues dropped from roster

Saturday Apr. 13 at 08:30
08:30 NC4AR breakfast meeting

Thursday Apr. 18 at 08:00
8pm NC4AR Net 145.290

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