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September Minutes
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Sat Sep 02 2017, 07:58AM
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Tri-County ARC Meeting Minutes

Date: 9/2/17 Time: 8:30am Location: Denny’s in Thomasville, NC

Meeting Called to Order By: Josh NC4WD
Type of Meeting: Regular
Time Keeper: Carol Murray, KW4SM, Secretary
List of Attendees: KW4IL, KK4ZIU, KM4PBU, NC4WD, NC4BB, K4EBF, KW4SM, WB2RFK, K4KKT, W4DAE

Minutes: Minutes approved by voice vote.

Treasurer’s Report: Treasurer’s Report approved by voice vote.

Old/Unfinished Business:
Next Saturday is the Bobby Labonte Charity Bike Ride. Thank you very much to all the volunteers who have dedicated time and effort to organize this event.

NC QSO Party is coming up in February. We are staying closer to home this year and have rented Cabins 8, 9 and 10 at Hanging Rock State Park. A motion was made by Bill KK4ZIU to repay Richard KK4RR the cost of renting the cabins.

New Business:
December is Election Time again. A Nominating Committee will need to be nominated.
Motion to Adjorn made by: Bill KK4ZIU Time: 8:46am

Members Present: 10

These Minutes compiled and submitted by Carol Murray, KW4SM, Secretary
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Sun Sep 03 2017, 10:41AM
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Thanks for posting these here. My email wanted to send it to junk even when I told it not too. I think the email lists are soon to go away, at least the "friends" list, anyway.
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