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Change in mailing lists: ACTION REQUIRED to maintain your subscription!
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Fri Oct 20 2017, 03:58PM

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Have you been getting e-mails from us?  If so, or if you want to start, please read this post carefully.

We recently had to move NC4AR.org to a different hosting company.  When we did, we lost the ability to use our two mailing lists, "clubmembers" and "friends of NC4AR," which ran on some older software that isn't supported by the new hosting company.  Therefore, we've had to change the way we send mass e-mails to members and friends of the club.

Please keep an eye on your e-mail.  On or around October 20, 2017, you should receive a message from our new system, called "NC4AR Mailer," with this subject line: "Please Confirm to Receive More NC4AR Mailings."  If you don't see it in your mailbox, you should look for it in your spam filter.

The message will be an invitation to you to "opt in" to our mailing list(s).  A link will be provided for doing this.  Please use the link.  It will take you to our secure (https) Self-Service E-Mail Subscription Page on nc4ar.org, where it will tell you you've been "previously confirmed," or something like that.  That's all you need to do in order to stay on the main list for NC4AR club news.

If you then want to fine-tune it a bit more, you can use the link for the "personal preferences page" at the bottom of the e-mail.  Then you will be asked to confirm your details (e-mail address, callsign, and name) and select the types of mailings you wish to receive and whether you prefer to receive HTML or text-only messages.  You can choose to subscribe to any or all of the following mailings:

NC4AR Club News -- Monthly newsletter with minutes of meetings; notices of NC4AR's own activities.

License Testing -- Upcoming license test sessions; VE certification; calls for VEs to help administer tests.

Emergency Communications -- ARES, Skywarn, disaster relief, and similar topics.

Hamfests -- Info about hamfests within reach of NC4AR's local service area.

Contests & Special Events -- On-air contests and special events conducted by entities other than NC4AR.

Legal & Legislative -- Changes in FCC regulations, pending legislation concerning amateur radio, and related topics.

Subscribe to one, several, or all of them, as you see fit.

Once you've made your selections, click on "Subscribe to the selected e-mails."  You'll then get future e-mails of the type(s) selected, and the bottom of each one of them will contain a link you can use to unsubscribe, change your list preferences, change your e-mail address, and so on.


Your help in this process will be greatly appreciated, as it will put us on track for a more streamlined system.  People will get e-mails only about the things they're actually interested in, and neither the webmaster nor the club secretary will be saddled with the task of keeping all the addresses up to date, since each subscriber will be able to update his or her own information directly whenever desired.

Please note that the e-mail list system is completely separate from the official NC4AR club roster.  Signing up for an e-mail list doesn't make you a club member.  In fact, the e-mail system allows sign-ups by members and non-members alike.  Likewise, changing your callsign, e-mail address, or other personal info on the e-mail system won't have any effect on how you're listed on the club roster, and vice versa.  To make such changes on the official club roster, you'll need to contact the club secretary directly.

If the confirmation e-mail never makes it to you, please contact me directly and I'll send you the required link.

John, W8LWX
NC4AR.org Webmaster

[ Edited Fri Oct 20 2017, 05:45PM ]
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