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Proposed amendment to bylaws regarding waiver of dues for new members
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Sat Mar 03 2018, 11:32AM
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At our regular March 2018 meeting, I submitted a proposal to fix an unintentional error I committed when I drafted the bylaws a couple years ago. The proposal will be put to a vote at the April 2018 meeting.

As originally written, Section 3.2(d) of the bylaws was supposed to waive dues for new members. The idea was to let newcomers participate fully as members at first, without paying any dues, so that they could see what the club was like before shelling out any money. This was seen as a good deal for the club because we were confident they'd like what they saw and would become paying members after their introductory year.

Unfortunately, I accidentally omitted the word "new" from the second sentence. This has resulted in some confusion when someone leaves the club and then comes back. A former member already knows what the club is all about. No one was supposed to get the introductory "free dues" deal more than once. In fact, extending the "free dues" deal to former members creates a perverse incentive for people to keep dropping out and coming back. That's not fair to members who steadfastly pay their dues each year, and it was never what we intended. It also makes it harder to keep the roster straight when people keep dropping out and coming back.

Therefore, the proposal would make the following technical correction to Subsection 3.2(d) (with bold underlined text showing the proposed new language):

d. New Member: A person who first becomes a new member during the first three quarters of any year shall owe no dues for that year. A person who first becomes a new member during the last quarter of any year shall owe dues for neither that year nor the following year. A "new member" is someone who has never previously been a member.

Sorry for the error!

John, W8LWX
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