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Tri-County Amateur Radio Club Minutes
Date: March 3, 2018 Time: 08:30 Location: Bella’s Family Restaurant in Thomasville, NC
Meeting Called to Order By: Richard, KK4RR
Type of Meeting: Regular
List of Attendees:

Motion to approve Feb. minutes as posted to website made by: KK4ZIU
Minutes approved by raised hands with corrections offered in an alternate motion by W8LWX.
Treasurer’s Report: Funds on hand are $1,243.86.
Motion to approve Treasurer’s Report made by: KK4ZIU
Treasurer’s Report approved by voice vote.

1) The next VE test session is at the Thomasville library on Saturday March 17, 2018 @ 0:930h.

2) Dues were due in January. They are $25 per individual and $30 per family. The club accepts check or cash. Please make out checks to Ed Martin. Do not make out your checks payable to the club. The club has no bank account.

3) Report of operations at the NCQP:

The group operated well, ate well, and succeeded in the primary goal of having fun. Formal results have not yet been reported.

     A few observations on Hanging Rock State Park as an operating location:

- This was first time experiment but was a good experience with comfortable operating.

- Excellent location in terms of being electrically quiet with great antenna supports.

- Cooperative and understanding park managers and rangers.

- Cost structure may need to be modified if we go back there next year.

AE4TI Chris
K4EBF Ed and Cindy
K4JO Wayne
KJ4NUS Steve
KJ4NUU Vonda
KK4RR Rick
KM4PBU Glenna
KM4UHV Mindy (Awesome operating!)
KN4ACN Brent
KW4IL Bart
NC4WD Josh

4) Summer Field Day. June 23-24. This annual event has been held since 1933 and remains the most popular event in ham radio. More than 35,000 hams will gather with their clubs, group, or simply with friends to operate from remote locations. Last year we set up 2 stations at Arrowhead Campground in the Uwharrie National Forrest.

Denny Smith, KG4RBS, and Anthony Laskis, KE7HPS (now N4AGL), have agreed to serve as a scouting party to seek desirable locations for this coming Field Day. They will bring a recommendation(s) to the club as soon as possible.
5) Clubhouse Caboose(!)

We have been given the opportunity to resume a more active and regular operating presence in the Thomasville caboose in exchange for cleaning and some minor internal repairs/refurbishing to make the caboose more suitable for club activities and group operations.

Benefits. The caboose can function as an informal club house and can be opened regularly for operations, perhaps one day or night a month. We can keep a radio and antenna in locked closets for members use.

Costs. The caboose needs the following maintenance and supplies: Thorough cleaning, painting of all internal surfaces, a sturdy table, folding chairs, and a source of heat.

There was general affirmation of the idea and more information will follow concerning potential workdays.
New Business:
1) Proposed amendment to bylaws.

The motion by W8LWX would make the following technical correction to Subsection 3.2(d) (with bold underlined text showing the proposed new language):
“d. New Member: A person who first becomes a new member during the first three quarters of any year shall owe no dues for that year. A person who first becomes a new member during the last quarter of any year shall owe dues for neither that year nor the following year. A "new member" is someone who has never previously been a member.

More detailed information has been e-mailed to members and posted on the club’s website. The club will vote on the proposal at the April 2018 meeting.
Motion to Adjourn made by: WB2RFK
Approved by a general movement of folk toward the door…

Members Present: 20

Minutes compiled and submitted to the Board of Directors by Don Durham, W4DWD, Secretary.
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