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Tri-County Amateur Radio Club Minutes

Date: May 12, 2018
Time: 08:30
Location: Doak Park in Thomasville, NC

Meeting Called to Order By: Richard, KK4RR
Type of Meeting: Regular

List of Attendees: Please forgive your president for failing to take attendance. About 20 faithful showed up for coffee, biscuits, and OJ.

Minutes of our April meeting were compiled by Don Durham W4DWD

Motion to approve the April minutes as posted to website was made, and
then approved by voice vote without corrections.

Treasurer’s Report: Ed Martin K4EBF, Funds on hand are $1818.86.
Motion to approve Treasurer’s Report was made and approved by voice vote.

Visitors: None


The next VE test session is at the Thomasville library on Saturday May 19, 2018 @ 0:930h.

2) Summer Field Day. June 23-24. This annual event has been held since 1933 and remains the most popular event in ham radio. More than 35,000 hams will gather with their clubs, group, or simply with friends to operate from remote locations.

We have selected the North Overlook of Oak Hollow Park in High Point as our operating position. The site has a large shelter with tall oak trees at either end. There is good parking, and access to bathroom facilities. There is also a playground for young children less than 20 yards from the shelter. We will have access from about 8am to 7pm. We can setup in the morning, and operate all day. The mayhem will start at 2. We can take turns operating SSB, CW and FT8 on 40 and 80 meters.. The site offers AC hookups, but we could bring generators or batteries.
The club will serve sandwiches at about noon, and Hamburgers and hotdogs later in the day. We have to be packed up and out the door at 7p.

3) John W8LWX serves the club in many roles, as informal legal council and web guru, among others. He has been webmaster for nearly 5 years and has recently advised the board, that he wishes to pass the baton of webmaster to another capable club member. Many thanks to John for his years of service.
The email server has been moved. The web page is next

4) ARES: Our speaker last month was Harlan Cobert, director of Forsyth County ARES. Bill Thompson reviewed available education materials, and has offered to keep the club abreast on ARES educational activities as they arise.

There being no other business, a motion to adjourn was made by Josh NC4WD, then seconded and accepted by voice vote.

Discussion: How to make contacts during the bottom of the solar cycle?
What techniques/bands/modes work for you?

Ideas presented:

1) Concentrate on the low bands 160/80/40
2) Consider a UHF or VHF digital mode that connects via the internet to hams worldwide.
3) Monitor WWV on 20 mHz. If you hear it, 15 meters is open. Maybe even 10.
4) Fix and build.
5) Improve your antenna farm
6) QRO
7) Operate a digital mode. FT8 pulls out weak signals below the noise 24db below the noise floor.
8) if nothing else, call CQ. You might be surprised that someone might call back.

Want help with a new antenna, operating a new mode, or buying equipment?
If you have any questions respond to this email. Im certain that one or more club members will get back to you.

I know that I’ve left a many good recommendations out…..please add to this list, as the thought comes to mind.

Minutes compiled and submitted to the Board of Directors by Rick Weinbaum, President, filling in for Don Durham, Secretary.
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