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The meeting was called to order at 8:30 am at Loflins Restaurant, on October 13, 2018.

Many thanks to Dave, W4DAE for taking notes of this meeting, in the absence of our secretary,

Visitor: KV8OPV. Dave

Minutes of last meeting : Posted on web site. They were accepted by voice vote.

Guest Speaker
Gary Carpenter, Captain of Central Carolina K-9 Search and Rescue (CCK-9)

-motivation for starting CCK-9: lost kids and elderly with dementia, he works with children’s home and has seen numerous runaways

-He has $28k in his dog training

-state certified, has 12 searches logged

-his team has 10 dogs, 5 nationally certified, 3 more getting tested today.

-now works with FBI and Parks and Recreation

“His club members are good at searching, but suck at radios and communications” and websites

-now using Baofeng UV-9 programmed with FRS thanks to help from KK4ZIU.

-They are now listed as “first responders in several localities” so they’re called sooner during a search situation.

-purchased a 23’ trailer with three comm stations, two radios (unknown type?) and a 30’ telescoping antenna.

-NC4AR is not officially working in a search capacity.

-club members are assisting CCK-9 with education/training/programming

-club members may also be interested in working on a 3-person team with CCK-9’

-dog handler, navigation person, communication person

-three solutions determined:

-simplex communication

-set up temporary local repeater (probably cross-band repeat 2m/70cm)

-use existing repeaters in the area of a search
This opened the conversation to offering a Technician prep course for CCK-9 members, which could also turn into an periodic course offering by NC4AR

-resources discussed were existing YouTube videos, phone apps, and creating new content for a course.
-November 10th, 11th (2nd weekend), huge S&R drill/training at Dupont Park near Hendersonville. Involves camping/overnight for those interested in helping CCK-9.

Treasurer's report : Ed  K4EBF reported $1500 + - to be in the club's treasury. The exact amount was stated by Ed, but not recorded.


Next VE test session In Thomasville at the library is  Saturday NOVEMBER 17. 2018 at 0930h

Everybody’s Day: It was reported that John Laughlin made approximately 25 contacts from the caboose in Thomasville.

NCQP: report by Gerald, KF4NEF.
The QSO party posted results are incorrect, and have yet to be corrected.
NC4AR took first place in its class.

Club members assisted with 2 public service events last month.
The Bobbie Labonte Charity Ride Saturday September 8, and the Tour to Tanglewood Saturday September 22 and Sunday September 23.

Club Officers Nominating Committee: John Laughlin and Gerald were appointed to serve in this capacity. They had no report.

We have openings in the following club officer positions: President, Vice President, and Secretary.

Motion to close; KK4RR, accepted by voice vote.
These minutes are respectfully submitted by Rick, KK4RR, with thanks again to Dave for his detailed notes.
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