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Minutes of Dec. 2011 Meeting
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Thu Aug 29 2013, 11:30pm
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Meeting date:  Dec. 3, 2011

Present: John Laughlin, FL Warford, Ken Weeman and son, Larry Kincaid, Janice Steinberger, Mike Sankewitsch and Megan as guest.

Meeting brought to order by Pres. John Laughlin

Old business - dues format and language, and deletion of specified 1400 meeting time - both passed by way of motion/second and majority vote. Committees: Member ship and Finance Janice and John Steinberger chairpersons respectively - motioned and passed.

New business/reports: FL provided a recon report on (West) Jefferson for NC QSO party location, drawbacks are among other things, building is very close to road, little parking, land has steep upslope in back so antenna assembly and dis-assembly will be difficult, and the location is middle of nowhere as far as needing or wanting something from town.
The Sparta location is only four miles or so from town, choice of three buildings, plenty of parking and trees/open spaces for antennae.

FL also reports that the "extras" being available from the WW4DC 147.000 repeater are coming along. VE testing in our area should be available in Jan 2012.

The meeting began at 0830 and ended at 0945.
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