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NC4AR Amateur Radio Club

Loflin’s Restaurant, Thomasville, NC

Called to Order:
David, W4DAE

Type of Meeting:

Guests: Donald Qualls, Wesley Hughes

Previous Minutes Approved:

No addendums

Treasurer Report:
Treasurer not present; report provided by N4AGL

Follow up/update on old business:
NC QSO Party follow up:
Hanging Rock:
-Wayne and Richard set up Saturday, reserved one cabin (cabin #5) which had relatively high density trees around it. This made hanging wire antennas challenging and they could not separate them very much: end fed 1⁄2 wave 40m and up, 20m dipole. It took about two hours to set up each antenna. No one stayed overnight.

While operating they got about 150 contacts. Then around 2pm the power for the entire park went out; weather related.


-David and Anthony set up in Thomasville for a non-club station. Set up was also challenging, hanging a wire antenna off a limb of one tree and using a multi-sectional fiberglass mast with base and guidelines on the other. It was noticed at some point the wire was not optimally configured as it was slightly snagged on a few small twigs on each side. It was then changed to a sloping configuration. Most of the time (several hours) was spent talking with two non-member father and son guests that had not yet tested for their amateur licenses. Since that weekend we are informed they have both tested and passed at the general level!

Open Floor:
Meeting Minutes
NC4AR Amateur Radio Club Meeting Minutes

-KG4TAH: winter field day log has been submitted. It took about 4 hours to enter the paper log into digital format. N1MM+ software is free and designed for contesting making it optimal for field day. He will discuss this further June 8th when he presents logging software.

-KK4RR: NC QSO log will not be submitted as it is on a laptop that is not available to him prior to the submission deadline. The log will be submitted to QRZ.com.

New business:


-3/16 testing at Thomasville library 9:30-11am, contact KK4RR
-4/12 last day to submit club dues without being dropped from roster -4/13 regular club meeting
-5/11 meeting at Doak Park, Thomasville 10:30am
-6/08 regular meeting; KG4TAH will present on logging software

KK4RR: update on his “radio shack” that he is allowing for club/member use.

-HF downstairs, another station upstairs. Bathroom, kitchen, heating, A/C. He is requesting additional help with painting at this time. Should be operational in a few weeks. He plans on having it open Thursday evenings, for contests, and workshops.

KK4RR: discussed “meet up” app used for special interest groups and how it could be used for organizing club events or workshops for those that are interested without blasting e-mails to the entire group. It could also be used for club outreach.

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Coming Up
Thursday Nov. 14 at 20:00
8pm NC4AR Net 441.800

Saturday Nov. 16 at 09:30
License Test Session - Thomasville

Thursday Nov. 21 at 20:00
8pm NC4AR Net 441.800

Thursday Nov. 28 at 20:00
8pm NC4AR Net 441.800

Thursday Dec. 05 at 20:00
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