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Date: June 8th, 2019 Time: 08:30am Location: Loflin's Restaurant
In Attendance:  K4JO, W4CHI, KW4SM, KK4ZIU, KK4VCH, KX4QP, KI4DCJ, KG4YVA, KF4NEF, KW4IL and Lukas, N4AGL.

Type of Meeting: Regular Meeting

Called to Order by: N4AGL

The Minutes from the previous Meeting were read and unanimously accepted without change.

The Treasurer's Report: the Treasurer was not in attendance

Summer Field Day: We will be in operation overnight. Rangers will let us in and out of the park. Shift change will occur around Midnight. We will try to have a GOTA station up and running, local officials need to be invited.

Radio Shack News: No new news

Open Floor: The City is implementing Imminent Domain, all Club gear needs to be reclaimed from the Caboose, water tower and other cites owned by the City. N4AGL is looking at alternative sites. The Net will move to the .800 repeater for now.

An Alinco twin band VHF/UHF DR-735T FM Transceiver was donated to the Club by DBJ.

Adjournment was at 9:15am

These Minutes were taken and compiled by Carol Murray, KW4SM
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