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Mon Jul 15 2019, 05:27PM

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Date / Time / Location:

Loflin’s Restaurant, Thomasville, NC

Called to Order:

David, W4DAE

Type of Meeting:



 Zach: KN4UXV
Jeremy Brown, Sr. Jeremy Brown, Jr.

Previous Minutes Approved:

No addendums

Treasurer Report:

Quarterly report provided by Ed, K4EBF-revenue, expenses, and balance discussed.

Club business old and new:

1) Field day review: KK4RR: 3HF stations, about 10-12 club members were present, they made about 200 contacts. Experienced some PC logging issues syncing with ARRL, thus an official log is not accurate/available. They had a good site, good antenna setups, and great food thanks to N4AGL.

2) Shack update: KK4RR:-Ran new coax to off-center fed dipole and vertical. Dipole usually outperforms the vertical, but in a few propagation circumstances the vertical has outperformed the dipole. There are two operating stations (one upstairs, one down) and it is possible to switch between the two antennas at each station.


     - Last Thursday 7/11 Don W4DWD facilitated the build of a couple acoustic panels for mitigating echo in a station. KK4RR is interested in building more panels to put up in the shack to improve transmit sound quality.

    - Kenwood TS-520: project radio to work on/repair for those interested in contributing expertise.

     - Upcoming project: building an air gun to assist with running ropes for hanging antennas.-Upcoming event: would like to run a special radio event from the shack.

     - Cookout in the Fall: KK4RR would like to schedule a club cookout with burgers and hot dogs at the Shack some time this Fall and will follow up with a potential date.

3) Nominating committee: If you are interested in serving on the nomination committee or interested in becoming an officer for the 2020 calendar year, please communicate this to Anthony, N4AGL.

4) NC QSO Party: This upcoming event elicited heavy group discussion.

     - The consideration of reserving two cabins for the weekend at Hanging Rock State Park for club members to operate was presented with the stipulation that firm financial commitment from potentially participating members be foremost. It was discussed that members that wish to participate would not have their money refunded if they were unable to actually participate. From this much discussion about club finances developed. There was lengthy conversation, but no motions were made on the following topics:

     - Club finances should be used for the benefit of the majority of the club.

     - The club should maintain some minimum of reserve funds for emergency spending and maintenance on club assets such as repeater, antenna, coax, and liability insurance as these are assets that can be used by all members.

     - The club should not fund activities that deleteriously deplete club funds. Historically, the club provided minimal financial support, such as for food only.

     - Because of this, the cost of activities should be covered by the individual(s) participating and not by the club. If a member wishes to participate in such an event but cannot financially do so, then the member can contact any club officer and a collection at a club meeting can be held. The need for the collection would be made with full respect to confidentiality and discretion.

     - Some additional form of producing revenue other than club dues and random donations should be considered: One such suggestion: monthly 50/50 raffle.

     There was no motion made on any subject regarding the NC QSO Party.

5)  NC4AR repeater: There was heavy discussion on the NC4AR 145.290 MHz repeater. The repeater is currently not operational. Discussion points are as follows:

     - The repeater location had roof work resulting in the antenna being lowered.

     - The location is possibly being sold and thus it is possible we may not continue operating the repeater there.

     - It is unknown if all club equipment has been removed from the location.

     - If we are unable to continue at the current location, a new location for the repeater would need to be established.

     - If the equipment cannot remain at the current location, KK4RR has offered to store repeater equipment at “the shack” until it is ready to be reinstalled or installed in a new location.

     Two separate motions by W8LWX and KK4RR were made and passed by vote to contact KF4QDS to determine the actual location of the repeater equipment and status. Contact with KF4QDS would be made by KK4RR or N4AGL.

6) Meeting Presentations:

     - KG4TAH: Tony will present on logging software in October.

     - Any other presentation ideas or interest can be directed to W4DAE.

Open Floor:

1) Motion from the floor:  W8LWX

     - Be it resolved, as a standing rule, that:    

     (a) The club hereby resumes its use of the website at nc4ar.org, owned and operated by W8LWX-John, as its official website.

     (b)  Whenever the website at nc4ar.org is not in service, the NC4AR page on QRZ.com will be used as the club's official website, for purposes of posting any notices required by the club's Bylaws.    

Discussion points:

     - The website URL are owned and maintained as private property of W8LWX allowing him discretion for formatting and general content.

     - Gerald maintains the NC4AR QRZ.com site and requests that direct advanced notice be given by W8LWX in the event the nc4ar.org website is unavailable.

    The motion was carried by vote of club membership.

2) Proposals for amendments of the Bylaws: W8LWX

     - A printed copy of proposals for amendment of the Bylaws [download here] was provided by W8LWX. The proposed amendments are summarized as follows and are separate proposals to be voted upon individually:
  1. To amend section 3.2(c) to change the annual dues for members over 70 years old to a reduced rate of $10 instead of zero.

  2. To amend section 3.4 to require the Executive Board to disclose the number of hardship waivers granted each year, and to clarify when the Executive Board must ask for an increase in the number of hardship waivers.

  3. To amend section 4.2 to conform to the current practice of holding regular monthly meetings on the second Saturday rather than the first; to allow the membership to adopt a different meeting schedule, if it wants, as a standing rule; to allow the President to reschedule a meeting in the event of an emergency; and to reduce the amount of time required for notice of rescheduling to five days instead of 14.

  4. To add a new section 5.9 to allow the offices of Secretary and Treasurer to be occupied simultaneously by the same person if elected to both.

  5. To amend section 6.3 to clarify the duties of the Secretary, so that the Secretary must keep records of any standing rules in force and provide a copy of the roster within 10 days to any member who requests it.

  6. To amend section 6.4 to clarify the duties of the Treasurer, so that: the Secretary will be informed of the current dues status of every member; the current requirement for quarterly itemized reports will be replaced with a single itemized report to be submitted in October, or sooner if members vote to request it; and a new duty is added to include an inventory of club-owned property in such reports.

  7. To add a new section 6.5 to protect member privacy by ensuring that no member is required to provide private data to third parties such as Facebook in order to receive club notices, and by prohibiting club officers from providing a member's private data to such third parties without the member's consent.

This will be electronically shared and subject to vote in the August Club meeting.

The actual proposal(s) will be distributed electronically with these minutes for review prior to the next regular meeting.

Respectfully Submitted by:



1) Following the meeting KF4QDS, KK4RR, and KF4NEF relocated all of the NC4AR repeater equipment, excluding the hardline, to “the shack” where it will be stored until a new location can be secured. It is currently operating from that location.

[As corrected 14 Sept. 2019]

[ Edited Sun Sep 15 2019, 04:27PM ]
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