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Tri-County Amateur Radio Club
Minutes of Meeting: 10 Aug. 2019

A regular monthly meeting of the Tri-County Amateur Radio Club was held on Saturday, 10 Aug. 2019, at 8:30 am EDT, at Loflin's Restaurant, 108 Randolph Street, in Thomasville, NC, the president, N4AGL-Anthony, being in the chair and with no secretary being present nor any substitute designated.  The minutes of the previous meeting were not read or considered.

The trustee, KF4NEF-Gerald, reported on plans for the upcoming Special Event Station to be operated by NC4AR on 17 Aug. 2019 from KK4RR-Richard's "club radio shack" at 331 Woodrow Avenue in High Point, NC, in celebration of the club's 21st birthday.

Past president KK4RR-Richard reported on a request for radio support from the Bobby LaBonte Foundation for a 07 Sep. 2019  bicycle ride benefitting the charity and the need for 10-11 volunteers from the club.

W8LWX-John, as a point of order, asked whether the club currently has a secretary and noted that, if not, the bylaws require immediate election of a new secretary to fill the vacancy as the first business to be conducted at this meeting.  The president reported that the office was vacant.  W8LWX volunteered to serve the remainder of the secretary's term and, there being no other volunteer, was nominated and elected.

The vice president, W4DAE-David, presided over consideration of the seven proposed bylaws amendments that had been submitted as motions by W8LWX at the previous meeting:

        1.  To amend subsection 3.2(c) of the bylaws to read as follows:

c.    Senior: A member who, on the date when dues become payable, is at least 70 years old, may elect to pay club dues at a reduced rate of $10 annually.


    The motion was adopted after debate.

        2.  To amend subsection 3.4 of the bylaws to read as follows:

3.4    Upon request or on its own initiative, the Executive Board may vote to waive the dues of any member on grounds of extraordinary personal, medical, or financial hardship within the 90 days after dues first become payable.  The Executive Board need not disclose to any member the identity of the member considered for a hardship waiver, the circumstances upon which the waiver is considered, or the basis of the decision to grant or deny the waiver; but it shall disclose to the membership, at the next regular meeting after granting any hardship waiver, the fact that the waiver was granted and the total number of hardship waivers granted for the current year.  No more than two hardship waivers may be granted by the Executive Board in any calendar year; provided, however, that if it appears that more than two waivers may be appropriate in a given year, the Executive Board may seek approval to increase the number for that year by simple majority vote at any regular meeting prior to the expiration of the 90-day period stated above.


    The motion was adopted.

        3.  To amend subsection 4.2 of the bylaws to read as follows:

4.2    Regular meetings will be held on the second Saturday of each month, or at such other regular time as may be deemed convenient if adopted by the membership as a standing rule.  If the President determines that a previously scheduled meeting should not be held as scheduled due to an unforeseeable emergency, the President may reschedule it to another day in the same month and, if necessary, change the venue to another nearby place;  provided that   at least five days' notice of  the new date, time, and place must be given to all members.  Notice of the date, time and place of a rescheduled meeting is deemed sufficient if it is timely posted on the Club's website or sent via e-mail to each member at the e-mail address for that member maintained on the Club's roster.  No quorum is required for the transaction of club business at regular meetings, including the annual meeting.

    The motion was adopted.

        4.  To amend the bylaws by adding the following new section 5.9:

5.9    The same person may serve simultaneously as both Secretary and Treasurer if separately elected to each such office.


    The motion was adopted.

        5.  To amend section 6.3 of the bylaws to read, after amendment, as follows:

6.3    The Secretary shall keep an up-to-date roster of members and any standing rules in force, a copy of these Bylaws, and the then-current edition of Robert's Rules of Order, Newly Revised, at each club meeting.  The Secretary shall keep all club records, record the proceedings of all meetings, and disseminate the minutes of each meeting to all members within 14 days after the meeting has adjourned.  Within 14 days after receiving a request from any current member for a copy of the roster, the Secretary shall provide such member with a complete and current membership roster.

    The motion was adopted after debate and amendment.

        6.  To amend subsection 6.4 of the bylaws to read, after amendment, as follows:

6.4    The Treasurer shall receive, and provide receipts for, all monies received and expended on the Club's behalf; pay no bills without proper authorization, whether by the Club or by its officers constituting a business committee; keep the Secretary informed, at all times, of the current dues status of every member; and submit, at the regular meeting in October or at the next regular meeting following any request for such data by membership vote at any regular or special meeting, an itemized statement of all disbursements and receipts occurring since the beginning of the Treasurer's current term of office.  At the end of the Treasurer's term, the Treasurer shall remit to the next Treasurer everything in the outgoing Treasurer's possession that belongs to the Club.

    The motion was adopted after debate and amendment.

        7.  To amend the bylaws by adding a new section 6.5 to read, after amendment, as follows:

6.5    No member may be compelled to register with, purchase, or provide his or her personally identifiable private data to any third-party software or electronic information service (including, but not limited to, Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Yahoo Groups, or Groups.io) as a precondition for receiving notices required to be given under these Bylaws; and club officers shall strive to keep private information private.

    On motion of N4AGL, the motion was postponed to the next regular meeting.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:49 am EDT.

Respectfully submitted,
/s/ W8LWX-John
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