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Tri-County Amateur Radio Club
Minutes of Meeting: 12 Oct. 2019

A regular monthly meeting of the Tri-County Amateur Radio Club was held on Saturday, 12 September 2019, at 8:30 am EDT, at Loflin's Restaurant, 108 Randolph Street, in Thomasville, NC, the vice president, W4DAE-David, being in the chair.  The meeting was called to order at 8:31 am.

Attending:  K4EBF-Ed; KX4QP-Donald; KK4VCH-Norman; WB2RFK-Ken; KJ4NUS-Steve; KJ4NUU-Vanda; KN4VVQ-Jeremy Sr. and his son Jeremy Jr.; W8LWX-John; KJ4UYR-Janice; K4KKT-Joe; KK4RR-Rick; and KD4LHP-John.  Arriving after adjournment: KF4QDS-John and his son Jonathan.

Approval of Minutes from Previous Meeting

Reading of the minutes of the September 2019 meeting was waived and they were adopted without change or objection.

Reports of Officers and Committees

The treasurer, K4EBF-Ed, provided a three-page treasury report covering 01/01/18 through 2019-Q3 (09/30/19), noting that there was no treasury activity during 2019-Q3.  The report was filed for audit without objection.

An auditing committee consisting of KJ4NUS-Steve was appointed for the purpose of performing routine review of the Treasurer's report and of any subsequent 2019 follow-ups and reporting its  findings to membership at the January 2020 regular monthly meeting.

The secretary, W8LWX-John, reported that various corrections had been made to the roster since the previous meeting in response to an e-mail seeking such corrections.  In addition, KF4NI-Ruby's status was corrected to "Lifetime," reflecting the vote at the January 2015 monthly meeting, and a new legend was placed on the roster to remind members of their duty to protect other members' confidential data.  As of 11 Oct. 2019, we had 36 members.  By the end of the meeting, two more had been added (KJ4NUS-Steve and KJ4NUU-Vanda), resulting in a total of 38 members.

Unfinished Business from Previous Meeting

There was no unfinished business from the previous meeting.

New Business

Volunteers were sought to serve as a three-person Nominating Committee pursuant to Bylaws § 5.2.  KN4VVQ-Jeremy, KJ4NUS-Steve, and W8LWX-John volunteered and, without objection, were appointed.  The first to volunteer and be named was KN4VVQ-Jeremy, who therefore is chairman of the committee as provided by the rules of order.

Program and Announcements

W4DAE-David announced local October hamfests scheduled for Oct. 12 in Winston-Salem and Oct. 13 in Maysville, as well as the Jamboree on the Air ("JOTA") scheduled for Oct. 18-20.

KK4RR-Richard reported on the following events at the "Radio Shack":

a.  The project for building "spud guns" to launch antenna-mounting lines into trees is still ongoing, with the labors of construction balanced out by appropriate quantities of pizza and beer.

b.  About 3-5 enrollees are expected for the first Tech training course at the Shack.  Tech training is expected to occupy about three Thursdays every two months to help anyone wishing to learn and become a new ham.  Course materials are $25.

W8LWX-John presented a program, after formal adjournment, regarding the history of the ICAO spelling alphabet (sometimes called "NATO phonetics") and the older systems, such as the "Able Baker" alphabet, that it replaced shortly after the end of World War II.


The meeting was adjourned at 8:54 am EDT.

Respectfully submitted,
/s/ W8LWX-John
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