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November minutes
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Sat Nov 09 2019, 11:31pm

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Tri-County Amateur Radio Club
Minutes of Meeting: 09 Nov. 2019

A regular monthly meeting of the Tri-County Amateur Radio Club was held on Saturday, 09 November 2019, at 8:30 am EST, at Loflin's Restaurant, 108 Randolph Street, in Thomasville.  In the absence of both the president and the vice president, the meeting was called to order at 8:30 am by the secretary, W8LWX-John, in accordance with the club's rules of procedure, for the limited purpose of selecting a chairman pro tem for the meeting.  Past president KK4RR-Richard volunteered and, there being no other volunteer nor any objection, chaired the remainder of the meeting.

Attending:  KF4NEF-Gerald; K4EBF-Ed; W8LWX-John; KK4RR-Richard; KX4QP-Donald and guest Adrienne Wilder; KF4QDS-John; KW4IL-Bart; KJ4NUS-Stephen; KJ4NUU-Vanda; KK4VCH-Norman; W4CHI-Ron; KN4VVQ-Jeremy; WB2RFK-Ken; K4KKT-Joe; and KJ4UYR-Janice.

Approval of Minutes from Previous Meeting

Reading of the minutes of the October 2019 meeting was waived and they were adopted without change or objection.

Reports of Officers and Committees

The treasurer, K4EBF-Ed, reported that, in the past month, the club had paid $35 in dues for the  Southeastern Repeater Association (SERA) and received $35 from other sources, resulting in no net change.

The secretary, W8LWX-John, reported that no new members had been added to the roster since the previous meeting.  In addition, he read e-mail correspondence during 6-8 November 2019, between the club and Lee Browning, an FCC field agent, regarding recent interference with the Davidson County Fire Department's emergency dispatch frequency.  It appeared that a local person had unwittingly been using a transmitter with VOX enabled and that the radio transmitted on the Fire Department frequency whenever a nearby dog barked.  Sometimes a person could be heard in the transmissions, imploring "Bandit" (presumably, the dog) to "hush."  The person responsible, who was not a licensed amateur radio operator, was located on 07 November 2019.

Unfinished Business from Previous Meeting

There was no unfinished business from the previous meeting.

New Business

The chairman of the Nominating Committee, KN4VVQ-Jeremy, made the following nominations, pursuant to Section 5.2 of the Bylaws, for terms of office beginning at the conclusion of the December 2019 meeting and ending at the conclusion of the December 2020 meeting:

        For President:  W4DAE, David East
        For Vice President:  KW4IL, Bart Stofferis
        For Secretary:  W8LWX, John Steinberger
        For Treasurer:  W8LWX, John Steinberger

As required by Section 5.2 of the Bylaws, the floor was then opened to any additional nominations from any member for any of the above offices.  There being none, KF4NEF-Gerald made a motion to close nominations.  The motion was adopted.

KN4VVQ-Jeremy moved to request that an updated treasurer's report be submitted at the December 2019 meeting to supplement the information already given to the Auditing Committee, which is to make its report at the January 2020 meeting.  The motion was adopted.

Program and Announcements

KK4RR-Richard reported on the following events:

a.  December meeting, holiday party, and voluntary gift exchange. --  The next regular monthly meeting, on Saturday 14 December 2019, is also the club's "annual meeting" when new officers are elected and we hold our holiday party.  Those wishing to participate in the traditional gift exchange may bring a gift having a value of $5.00 or less to be traded with another member.

b.  Winter Field Day, 25-26 Jan. 2020. --  The club has no definite plans yet.  Any member who has an idea for a good Winter Field Day operating site for the club is encouraged to pass it along to any member of the Executive Board.  The Board, which assists and advises the club president on long-range planning and guidance of future club goals, consists of all the current officers (N4AGL-Anthony, W4DAE-David, K4EBF-Ed, W8LWX-John), plus the club trustee (KF4NEF-Gerald), and the immediate past president (KK4RR-Richard).

c.  NC QSO Party, 01 Mar. 2020. -- The organizers have eliminated all club categories in 2020 but there will still be a multi-operator class that we can use to enjoy the event.  Members of the Executive Board (see above) currently lean toward using the KK4RR "Radio Shack" this year, which is closer and cheaper than the rented cabins and more remote locations used in past years.  It is hoped that this will result in a higher level of participation by club members, who will be able to come and go and even sleep over at the Shack during the event.  KK4RR is looking into the possibility of building some filters as a club project to prevent interference between the multiple stations that would need to be sited there.  No decisions regarding the NC QSO Party or the possible filters were made at today's meeting, however.

d.  Shack activities. -- The Shack at KK4RR's QTH is generally open each Thursday night to any club member.  All members are invited and encouraged to make use of it.  Some antenna work is planned for Sunday 10 Nov. 2019.  The four students in the Technician class being conducted there are doing well and should have their licenses soon.  The project for building "spud guns" to launch antenna-mounting lines into trees is still ongoing.

e.  Search for new repeater site. -- The search is difficult and ongoing.  The club repeater is still in service but is expected to have only a limited useful range until a new site can be secured.  KF4QDS-John noted that the early models of Yaesu Fusion repeaters, such as ours, were especially sensitive to even slightly imperfect SWR levels (for example, worse than 1.2:1), and that Yaesu recently was allowing trade-ups to the more forgiving newer model for $400.  The current antenna configuration and power level were also discussed.

KF4NEF-Gerald reported that he has renewed the club's membership in SERA and that SERA no longer mails hard copies of its publication, the SERA Journal.  Instead, the publication is made available only online.  Possibilities were discussed for ways of making the publication available to all club members.

KJ4NUS-Steve presented a program, after formal adjournnment, on "Antennas of the Southwest," with emphasis on his and KJ4NUU-Vanda's recent visit to astronomy sites in Arizona and New Mexico, including Meteor Crater and facilities associated with the Sloan Digital Sky Survey and the National Science Foundation's Very Long Baseline Array (VLBA).


Upon the motion of KX4QP-Donald, the meeting was formally adjourned at 9:15 am EST.

Respectfully submitted,
/s/ W8LWX-John

[As corrected pursuant to member vote at the 12/14/19 meeting.]

[ Edited Sat Dec 14 2019, 09:56pm ]
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