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December minutes
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Sat Dec 21 2019, 09:30AM

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Tri-County Amateur Radio Club
Minutes of Meeting: 14 Dec. 2019

A regular monthly meeting, and the annual meeting, of the Tri-County Amateur Radio Club was held on Saturday, 14 December 2019, at 8:34 am EST, at Loflin's Restaurant, 108 Randolph Street, in Thomasville, with vice president W4DAE-David in the chair in the president's absence.

Members attending:  KF4NEF-Gerald; W4DAE-David; K4EBF-Ed; W8LWX-John; KJ4UYR, Janice; KN4VVQ-Jeremy; KJ4NUS-Stephen; KX4QP-Donald; WB2RFK-Ken; KK4VCH-Norman; K4KKT-Joe; and KW4IL-Bart.

Guests: Teresa Robertson; and Jeremy Brown, Jr.

Approval of Minutes from Previous Meeting

Reading of the draft minutes of the November 2019 meeting was waived.  A motion for correction was made by W8LWX-John to include KJ4UYR-Janice as an attendee.  Without objection, the correction was made and the corrected minutes were adopted.

Reports of Officers and Committees

The treasurer, K4EBF-Ed, provided his year-end report, showing an ending balance of $1,030.58.  The report was referred to the Auditing Committee, which will report on its review at the next monthly meeting.

The secretary, W8LWX-John, reported that no new members had been added to the roster since the previous meeting.  He also reported on correspondence during the previous month with another group of hams interested in forming a new club with a name similar to our own club's name.  The plan to use a name similar to ours was ultimately abandoned.

New Business

There being only one nominee per office, the following were elected by acclamation as the club's new officers for terms beginning at the conclusion of this meeting and continuing through the conclusion of the 2020 annual meeting:

        President:  W4DAE, David East
        Vice President:  KW4IL, Bart Stofferis
        Secretary:  W8LWX, John Steinberger
        Treasurer:  W8LWX, John Steinberger

Program and Announcements

In order to leave time for the club's traditional holiday party and gift exchange, there was no formal program or presentation.

Various matters were discussed prior to adjournment but not acted upon, including: Winter Field Day (24-26 Jan. 2020); acquisition of replacement antenna feedline for the club repeater; selection and planning of club events in 2020; planning of meeting programs for 2020; future appointment of a repeater committee; and possible acquisition of additional or alternative antenna sites for club use.


The meeting adjourned at 9:05 am EST, leading immediately to the party and gift exchange, with KF4NEF in the role of Santa Claus and Master of Mischief.

Respectfully submitted,
/s/ W8LWX-John
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