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Tri-County Amateur Radio Club
Minutes of Meeting: 10 April 2021

A regular monthly meeting of the Tri-County Amateur Radio Club was held on Saturday, 10 April 2021 at 8:30 am EDT on the 441.800 MHz repeater pursuant to Section 4.4 of the bylaws, with the president, W4DAE-David, being in the chair.  The meeting was called to order at 8:30 am.

The on-air meeting was supplemented by a members-only Remote Meeting forum on NC4AR.org where members could post comments, make and second motions, and participate in discussion during the preceding week.  A description of the remote meeting procedure was posted to NC4AR.org on 13 March 2021 and e-mailed to members on 28 March 2021.

Members Attending:  W4DAE, David; KW4IL, Bart; K4KKT, Joe; W8LWX, John; KK4RR, Richard; KG4TAH, Tony; KJ4UYR, Janice; and KK4VCH, Norman.  Guest: K4TNC, Roger.

Adoption of Agenda

A draft agenda was distributed prior to commencement of the meeting.  As no changes had been proposed in the online discussion prior to the on-air meeting, the draft agenda was adopted.

Approval of Minutes from Previous Meeting

Reading of the minutes of the March 2021 meeting was waived, and they were then adopted, both actions by unanimous consent.

Reports of Officers and Committees

Report of the Secretary. -- As of 04/07/21, we had 44 members, of whom 38 were in good standing and 6 still owed dues for 2021.  We have not added any new members since the previous meeting.  However, we have changed the roster listing for Albert Garrou of Thomasville from "not yet licensed" to KO4OLM.  Congratulations, Albert, on the new ticket!  The call is likely to change, though, due to a pending application for a vanity call.

Report of the Treasurer. --  W8LWX reported the following 2021 figures for the month ending 31 March 2021.  We still had $386.11 set aside as operating funds, out of our initial budget of $390. We had a total of $1,954.55 in "cash on hand," which includes the balances of our checking, savings, and PayPal accounts, plus any currency, coins, and checks awaiting deposit.  By subtracting our operating fund reserves from cash on hand, we see that we had $1,568.44 in uncommitted resources as of 03/31/21.  Through our third month of the 2021 dues year, we had received $720.10 in dues and donations and had spent $23.53, resulting in year-to-date net income of $696.57.

Report of the President. --  W4DAE, David, reminded members of his earlier e-mail regarding 2021 ARRL Field Day planning.  Get in touch with David if interested in helping to organize something for this year's Field Day.

Open Motions from Previous Meeting

From the previous meeting, there were two unresolved motions and one proposal for amending the bylaws:

a.  A motion for a standing rule that the treasurer file an IRS Form 990-N "e-postcard" each year;

b.  A  motion to amend the bylaws to meet the requirements for recognition as a section 501(c)(3) organization; and

c.  A motion directing the treasurer to submit an IRS Form 1023-EZ in order to obtain explicit recognition and listing of the club by the IRS as a section 501(c)(3) organization, which would require a one-time fee of $275.

The full text of the bylaws proposal was posted as an addendum to the March 2021 minutes on NC4AR.org on 17 Mar. 2021 and was also circulated to members via e-mail on 17 Mar. 2021.

Each of the three motions was adopted by unanimous consent.

New Business

The following motion by W8LWX was adopted by unanimous consent:
WHEREAS it has been determined that the club's 145.290 MHz repeater is in need of feedline replacement and cannot be properly tuned, optimized, or even adequately diagnosed without it,

BE IT RESOLVED that the Club's president is directed to select, acquire, and direct the installation of, fresh feedline (whether new or used) for the club's 145.290 MHz repeater, at a cost to the club of not more than $750, within the next 60 days;

Provided, however, that if the president determines it is not feasible to replace the feedline for $750 or less, the president will provide a new cost estimate for consideration by the membership.

Discussion and Announcements

W4DAE, David, reminded members that dues for 2021 are now past due.  Dues can be paid by PayPal on NC4AR.org or by mailing a check to the treasurer (payable to Tri-County Amateur Radio Club).  If these methods don't work for you for some reason, contact an officer to make special arrangements.

KK4RR-Richard announced that there will be license test sessions in Lexington on May 22, 2021, and on June 19, 2021, both at 9:00 am in Finch Park.  Those interested in taking a test to get licensed or to upgrade their privileges should contact Richard as soon as possible, as registration is required in advance and there will be special procedures in light of the ongoing pandemic.  Richard hopes to implement monthly test sessions after June, including sessions at the Thomasville Public Library.

KK4RR-Richard, KW4IL-Bart, and others have been gathering on Wednesday evenings at 8:30 pm on the 441.800 MHz repeater for live Morse code practice.  It has proven to be a good format.  All other hams with an interest are invited to join in.


There being no further business on the agreed agenda, the meeting was adjourned without objection at 08:51 am.  A post-meeting on-air roundtable discussion then commenced, concluding at 9:05 am.

Respectfully submitted,
/s/ W8LWX-John
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