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Meeting in person
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Thu Apr 15 2021, 11:32pm
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Hello NC4AR members!

As we move closer to summer there are fewer cases of COVID and more and more of us are getting vaccinated. Many businesses and schools are finding ways to transition back to in-person activities and it's my personal opinion we should do the same.

With that, I would like to propose (we don't need an official motion for this... I just want to solicit opinions and ideas) that we meet again in-person for our JUNE meeting (6/12).

There are a couple possibilities (or more):
1. Meet as usual at Laughlin's in Thomasville. This is contingent on the restaurant allowing us to meet, which I'm following up with.
2. Meet in an outdoor setting, which may compromise our ability to have breakfast.

If you have any thoughts or comments in support or opposition, please post them here se we can all discuss...

thank you!

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Fri Apr 16 2021, 12:56pm
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We can bring our biscuits and enjoy the outdoors at a park. Or do a cookout. But any way is fine. I just need to see faces. Albert KO4OLM
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Sun Apr 18 2021, 10:42am
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I'd suggest we encourage attendance only by "fully immunized" members and guests. The definition I've been hearing for that is two weeks past your second COVID-19 immunization (for two-dose immunizations) -- which date, for me, will be May 2nd (second shot today!).

Given that all adults in NC have been eligible since early April, we could potentially have nearly all of the membership fully immunized by the June meeting date.

But I agree, I'd like to meet in person again. I can't access the either the 441.800 or the 145.290 from home, and I can only reach the linked repeaters, when the link works, from my mobile (HT from inside the house hasn't the power to diffract over the hills, and even an upgraded antenna is limited).

I've also missed Loughlin's biscuits and gravy...

[ Edited Sun Apr 18 2021, 10:44am ]
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Mon Apr 19 2021, 01:27am
Club President, 2021
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KX4QP: I agree we should encourage people to be vaccinated. However, limiting the meeting to only those immunized would marginalize members that are unable to be immunized due to allergies (or other health related issues that might prevent them from immunization).

I called Laughlin's and got the wrong shift... I was told to call back to see if the morning crew would be willing to take our group again in June. I'll follow up on that as soon as I have information on meeting indoors. Otherwise, we may have to find a nice outdoor location/shelter.
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Mon Apr 26 2021, 01:13pm
Club Secretary-Treasurer, 2021
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I'd be much more comfortable meeting outdoors than at Loflin's or any other indoor space, at this point.

I can't see anything wrong with limiting attendance to those who are fully immunized. Just as you should not go into work or come to a meeting if you have the flu or a cold, you shouldn't do it if you might be a vector for a potentially fatal disease like COVID-19.

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