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Another great NC4AR breakfast!
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Sat Sep 07 2013, 05:36PM
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September Breakfast Meeting

Denny's is going to kick us out if we keep going like this.  It got to be a bit of a carnival atmosphere there at the end, with Mark, N3NCN winning the generator raffle and then sweeping most of the "consolation" prizes too.  We filled the room again -- might need to start looking for a bigger one before long.

Our special guest Nathan, K4NWJ, gave us some good information and entertaining tales from the trenches at the North Carolina State Highway Patrol communications center.  Thank you, Nathan, for sharing your knowledge and experiences with us.  Sorry I blurred your photo.

When I pulled up in the lot at Denny's, I saw a special license plate on the car next to me, indicating that it belonged to a member of the North Carolina Senate.  As it turned out, that car belonged to Senator Stan Bingham -- also known as KJ4AX -- who was there for our meeting.

Stan lives in Denton and represents Davidson and Montgomery Counties.  Add yet another local ham to our roster: KJ4AX, Stan, who holds an Amateur Extra ticket.

Also present this morning: Josh Webb, who is not yet licensed but is all set to get his ticket at the W4VEC test session at Thomasville Public Library on September 21.  We look forward to hearing Josh on the air and seeing him at future meetings.

 Another of our newest members from the past week, Riley (KK4RDM), was not able to attend but we hope to see him at the October breakfast.  Janice and I have already had the privilege of meeting Riley at a few of the Vagabond breakfasts.  It's nice to have him aboard.  We needed a banjo player.

I took the opportunity to force several people to sit still for photos and have added them to the website this afternoon.  Click on the roving eyeball on the home page and you'll see that there are some new photos now in the member gallery.  The new ones also have descriptions, which you can see by flipping the photos over -- click on the circular arrow at the bottom right after you've zoomed in.  There are quite a few photos that still don't have captions yet.  Please be patient, as it is time-consuming work.

*    *    *    *    *    *    *    *

Folks, this club is doing really, really well.  More and more people are finding out about us.  More and more people are liking what they find.  This has come about through the efforts of a lot of members working together to do good things for amateur radio in our area.  It makes me very proud to be a member of NC4AR.

Best of all -- there were no arrests!

But I still drove very carefully on the way out of town.

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