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Repeater feedline replacement
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Mon Jul 19 2021, 09:53pm

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Many thanks to John Coleman (KF4QDS), our resident tower-climber, for his skill and hours of hard work in the hot sun!  Our brand-new feedline is now in place at the club's repeater site.  We had to turn the repeater off for a day or two for lack of a necessary connector, but it will probably be back in service by the time you read this.
Other members of the team on this job: W4DAE, David; KD4UUV, Ann; KD4LHP, John; W8LWX, John; and KK4NWR, Amy.
With the new feedline in place, we'll finally be able to do some meaningful fine-tuning on the duplexers and transceiver to optimize system performance.  It's been a long slog, but we're getting there!
The team assembles . . . .
Multiple knots are tied near the top of the feedline to provide strain relief to prevent damage to the end connector while the top end is pulled up to the antenna via a pulley.
Feedline is laid out straight on the ground. Rope goes to pulley at antenna stand-off. One helper pulls rope to raise the top end of feedline while another helper feeds equivalent amount from ground toward base of tower to keep the line close to vertical as it goes up.
Hey, I can see my house from up here!

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Fri Jul 23 2021, 02:42pm
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W8LWX about to uncoil the heliax

That's a big coil!!

W4DAE pulling the coax up to KF4QDS

W8LWX braving the spider webs to run coax under the shack while KF4QDS hangs out by the stand off working on the connection.
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