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September minutes
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Mon Sep 19 2022, 06:28pm

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Tri-County Amateur Radio Club
Minutes of Meeting: 17 September 2022

A regular monthly meeting of the Tri-County Amateur Radio Club was held on Saturday, 17 September 2022 at 8:30 am EDT in Room 221 of the Finch Building at Davidson-Davie Community College, 297 DCC Road, Thomasville, with the president, W4DAE-David, being in the chair.  The meeting was called to order at 8:31 am.

Five days prior to this meeting, a special notice was e-mailed to members via the Groups.io membership mailing list under section 4.4 of the Bylaws, stating that members would be able to participate remotely in this meeting via Zoom and telephone.  This meeting was our first actual implementation of this remote meeting protocol.  W8LWX and KJ4UYR used the Zoom dial-in audio (phone) option, which worked as intended.  Zoom videoconferencing was also running and available but apparently no one attempted to use it.

Members Attending:  W4DAE, David; K4KKT, Joe; W8LWX, John (by phone); N8UAX, Mark; and KJ4UYR, Janice (by phone).

Guests:  none.

Adoption of Agenda

A draft agenda had been distributed prior to commencement of the meeting, allowing members in attendance to propose changes or additions to it if desired.  No changes or additions were proposed.  Without objection, the draft agenda was adopted.

Approval of Minutes from Previous Meeting

By unanimous consent, reading of the minutes of the August 2022 meeting was waived and they were adopted.

Reports of Officers and Committees

Report of the Secretary. --  There have been no changes to the roster since the previous meeting.  The club still has 40 members.

Report of the Treasurer. --  For the month ending August 31, 2022, we still had $513.17 set aside as operating funds, out of our initial budget of $850.  We had a total of $1,289.17 in "cash on hand," which includes the balances of our checking, savings, and PayPal accounts, plus any currency, coins, and checks awaiting deposit. By subtracting our operating fund reserves from cash on hand, we see that we had $776.00 in uncommitted resources as of 08/31/22. Through the eighth month of 2022, we had received $688 in dues and donations and had spent $353.84, resulting in year-to-date net income of $334.16.  The club's liability insurance premium of $200 is due at the end of October and will be paid in due course as previously authorized.

Open Motions from Previous Meeting

There were no open motions from the previous meeting.

New Business

There were no new motions.

Program and Announcements

Our meeting space at Davidson-Davie Community College will be reserved for another three months (October, November, and December), which is the maximum number of months allowed for advance reservations.  The site of our old meeting place, Loflin's restaurant in Thomasville, is now operating as Tres Amigos Mexican Restaurant, having opened just a few days ago.  Right now, we know only that it is attracting lots of business (the parking lot has been full) and that it's definitely different from the local diner to which we were accustomed. We do not yet know whether it would be desirable, or even possible, to hold our meetings there again.

Lexington hamfest. -- The inaugural edition of the Lexington hamfest will be held next Saturday, September 24, 2022, at the Lexington Farmers' Market, 366 Livestock Market Road in Lexington, from 8 am to 12 noon.  Admission is $5.  Tables are $10.  Our club will be there, with a table full of equipment to be sold at very favorable prices.  W4DAE and KK4RR have already sorted through all the items the club will be offering, including some interesting old microphones with a decidedly Flash Gordon retro look.  Members and non-members alike are strongly encouraged to stop by our table and claim part of this bargain-basement treasure.  Amateur radio license testing will also be available at the hamfest.

Upcoming DMR presentation. --  Soon, probably at the October meeting, K4KKT will provide a demonstration of his DMR hotspot, which allows DMR radios to tie into the DMR system without a direct RF connection.

Nominating committee and upcoming elections. --  Not later than the October meeting, W4DAE intends to appoint a nominating committee.  The purpose of the committee is not to select the next set of officers but only to ensure that every office (president, VP, secretary, and treasurer) has at least one nominee willing to do the job.  W4DAE does not expect to serve another term as president, so finding a new person willing to serve in that role will be a high priority.

Reminder: The club mailing list on Groups.io is available for each and every member to use whenever he or she wishes to send out a radio-related announcement or information to all other club members.  It's easy to do: just address the e-mail to members@nc4ar.groups.io and it will be automatically forwarded to all subscribed members.  Just make sure the communication relates to ham radio (i.e., no politics, chain letters, advertising, religious proselytizing, etc.).


There being no further business on the agreed agenda, the meeting was adjourned without objection at 8:45 am.

Respectfully submitted,
/s/ W8LWX-John
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