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Tri-County Amateur Radio Club
Minutes of Meeting: 21 January 2023

A regular monthly meeting of the Tri-County Amateur Radio Club was held on Saturday, 21 January 2023 at 11:30 am EST at Tres Amigos restaurant, 108 Randolph Street, Thomasville, NC, with the president, NL7UP-MeLinda, being in the chair.  The meeting was called to order at 11:34 am.

Members Attending:  W4DAE, David; K4DSX, Rod; KR3HAB, Albert; K4KKT, Joe; W8LWX, John; KF4QDS, John; WB2RFK, Ken; KK4RR, Richard; NL7UP, MeLinda; KJ4UYR, Janice; N2WOB, Susan; and KO4WXR, Fred.

Guests:  KD4LHP, John; NC4WD, Josh.

Adoption of Agenda

A draft agenda had been distributed by the president prior to commencement of the meeting, allowing members in attendance to propose changes or additions if desired. The draft agenda was adopted without change, by unanimous consent..

Approval of Minutes from Previous Meeting

By unanimous consent, reading of the draft minutes of the December 2022 meeting was waived and they were adopted.

Reports of Officers and Committees

Report of the Secretary. --  As of the 17 January 2023, the club had 41 members, of whom 13 (31.7%) were in good standing for 2023 and 28 (68.3%) owed dues for 2023.

Report of the Treasurer. --  For the month ending 31 December 2022 (the end of our fiscal year), we still had $313.17 left over from our initial operating budget of $850.  We had a total of $1,244.47 in "cash on hand," which includes the balances of our checking, savings, and PayPal accounts, plus any currency, coins, and checks awaiting deposit. Since the 2022 year is over, all of the $313.17 left over, unused, from the 2022 operating budget becomes part of uncommitted resources, which means that 100% of our current "cash on hand" of $1,244.47 represented uncommitted resources as we went into the new year.  For the 2022 membership year, we  received $857.28 in dues and donations and spent $567.82, resulting in net income of $289.46.

Report of the President. --  Our incoming club president, NL7UP-MeLinda, described her hopes for the club in the coming year, particularly with regard to ARRL Field Day on the last full weekend in June, which could possibly be held at the property of KR3HAB-Albert.  NL7UP hopes to assemble a committee to plan it in such manner as to increase the club's point count.  Options were discussed for this as well as for possible involvement in WFDA's Winter Field Day (3rd weekend in January).  In addition, the following operations, now being conducted at the president's personal shack in Thomasville, may be of interest to members:

Packet radio. -- AX.25 packet radio (1200 baud computer-to-computer link over the air), with a clean shot into Charlotte, is operating 24 hours a day with a 145.010 MHz input frequency.

New link to club repeater from Thomasville. -- It is now possible for users in or near Thomasville to hit the club's 145.290 MHz repeater with nothing more than an HT on a rubber duck antenna, through a 70 cm simplex link operated by NL7UP.  The frequency is 445.975 MHz.  Members are encouraged to try this as a way of participating in the club's weekly net at 8:00 pm every Thursday night, and as a convenient place to chat with each other at any time throughout the day and night.  The link operates 24 hours a day.


Report of the Quartermaster. --  KK4RR-Richard provided a written inventory of all club-owned equipment of which he serves as custodian.

Open Motions from Previous Meeting

There were no open motions from the previous meeting.

New Business

Initial operating budget for CY2023. --  W8LWX made the following motion to establish the club's initial 2023 operating budget:

BE IT RESOLVED, that the following expenditures are authorized as the club's initial operating budget for 2023:

a. For insurance, including liability insurance and insurance on club-owned equipment:  actual cost, not to exceed $335;

b. For funeral-related expenses (which may include flowers for the funeral, food for the family, and a sympathy card) for death of a club member or of someone in a member's immediate family:  actual cost, not to exceed $65.00 per death, up to $195 total;

c.  For postage, paper, and other office/administrative supplies: actual cost, not to exceed $40;

d.  For utilities and other repeater site expenses payable July 1, 2023, under the existing repeater site agreement, which is hereby renewed for the 2023-24 term: actual cost, not to exceed $130; and

c.  For participation in on-air events, including ARRL Field Day 2023: actual cost, not to exceed $150,

representing a total initial operating budget of $850.

The motion was adopted by unanimous consent.

NC QSO Party. -- W8LWX moved that the club's 2023 participation in the NC QSO Party (February 26, the last weekend of February) be conducted from the "club shack" behind KK4RR's QTH in High Point; that, due to the close quarters and continued prevalence of respiratory viruses, all participants wear face masks; that each participant bring a dish or beverage, and coordinate with KK4RR in advance as to what exactly to bring; and that it be done as a casual affair this year as opposed to a competitive attempt to win points.  The motion was adopted without objection.  All members in attendance further agreed unanimously that they had no objection to considering this motion despite the fact that it had not been placed on the agenda agreed upon at the beginning of the meeting.

Appointment of audit committee. -- KR3HAB-Albert and KF4QDS-John volunteered to serve as the audit committee and were so appointed by the president.  The purpose of the audit committee is to verify and validate the treasurer's 2022 accounting and report the committee's findings to the club for final membership approval constituting the club's formal ratification and adoption of such accounting.

Time and place of next monthly meeting. --  W4DAE-David proposed that our next monthly meeting, on Saturday, February 18, 2023, be held at the same time and place as this one, i.e., to begin at 11:30 am EST at Tres Amigos, 108 Randolph Street in Thomasville (previously the site of Loflin's), with members planning to arrive between 11:00 am and 11:30 am to settle in, socialize, and order food.  This motion was adopted without objection.


Mailing list: The club mailing list on Groups.io is available for each and every member to use whenever he or she wishes to send out a radio-related announcement or information to all other club members.  It's easy to do: just address the e-mail to members@nc4ar.groups.io and it will be automatically forwarded to all subscribed members.  Just make sure the communication relates to ham radio (i.e., no politics, chain letters, advertising, religious proselytizing, etc.).

2023 dues:  The due date for 2023 membership dues is the date of our January monthly meeting (January 21, 2023).  Dues for 2023 can be paid now.  The amounts have not changed.  Dues can be paid in person by handing cash or a check to the treasurer (W8LWX) at a meeting, or by mailing to W8LWX at his QTH (65 Park Blvd., Winston-Salem, NC 27127), or via the PayPal link on NC4AR.org.  No PayPal account is required; the PayPal link takes you to a secure site that allows for payment by any major credit card.  The club gets the payment but never sees or handles the underlying credit card number.

If payment is made by check, it must be made payable to Tri-County Amateur Radio Club.  Checks made out in any other way cannot be deposited into our account.

The club secretary has no authority to accept payment of dues for years other than the current one (2023).  However, all donations above and beyond our minimal club dues, which have not increased since the founding of the club in 1998, are always needed and will be enthusiastically received!


There being no further business on the agreed agenda, the meeting was adjourned without objection at 12:40 pm.

Respectfully submitted,
/s/ W8LWX-John

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