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February 18 Meeting Agenda
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Sat Feb 04 2023, 11:18am
Club President, 2023
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Meeting Location:

Tres Amigos
108 Randolph St suite 1
Thomasville, NC 27360

1. Call to Order

Club Secretary, W8LWX, attendance?

2. Adoption of Agenda
a. The draft agenda was distributed via e-mail and is posted to nc4ar.org
b. Are there any objections to the draft agenda? (PAUSE)
c. Agenda is approved as distributed

3. Reading and Approval of January Minutes
a. The January minutes were distributed via e-mail and are posted to nc4ar.org

4. Reports of Officers and Committees
a. Treasurer:
a. Reminder, 2023 dues are due!

b. Secretary:
a. W8LWX

c. President:
a. Working on the 445.975 link radio, gets to hot and shuts down.

d. Finance audit committee appointment: volunteers: KR3HAB-Albert and KF4QDS-John
e. Summer Field Day committee: criteria: WORK ALL NIGHT
f. NC QSO party committee: KK4RR
g. April meeting: move to second Saturday: Double check with KK4RR on date

h. Quarter Master Report: (This is KK4RR… communicate with him prior to the meeting to
5. Open motions from previous meeting(s)
a. none

6. New Business
a. 2023 Operating budget

7. Program & Announcements
a. Share your Shack/Show and Tell:
b. Are there any announcements?

8. Adjourn
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Coming Up
Thursday Mar. 30 at 20:00
8pm NC4AR net 145.290

Thursday Apr. 06 at 20:00
8pm NC4AR net 145.290

Thursday Apr. 13 at 20:00
8pm NC4AR net 145.290

Saturday Apr. 15 at 11:30
11:30 Monthly Meeting at Tres Amigos

Thursday Apr. 20 at 20:00
8pm NC4AR net 145.290

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