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Feb. 18 meeting: two motions
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Mon Feb 13 2023, 05:18pm
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Just a "heads up" -- at the upcoming monthly meeting this Saturday, Feb. 18 (11:30 am at Tres Amigos), I plan to offer these two motions:

#1: That a two-member ARRL Field Day committee be appointed by the president to report back to the membership, not later than the April monthly meeting, with a recommendation on whether the club should participate in ARRL Field Day and, if so, exactly where and when and at what cost.

#2: That, as a standing ("default") rule, our monthly meetings will be held at 11:30 am at Tres Amigos restaurant in Thomasville.

The point of #1 is to get some planning underway so that, if enough members want to participate in ARRL Field Day at the end of June, we'll have a shot at securing an appropriate site in time and will have enough time for the membership to decide how many club dollars to spend. Tied up in this same decision is whether we want it to be a one-day thing (as in the recent past) or an all-night thing (as in the more distant past). The latter takes a lot more planning and tends to cost a lot more money.

The point of #2 is just to spare us from having to vote every month on where and when we'll meet the next month. Setting it as a standing rule will get it out of the way. We already have a standing rule to set our monthly meetings on the third Saturday of every month, but this one would also set the specific time of day (11:30 am) and the place (Tres Amigos).

Please come to the meeting so that your views will be known! The food is good, too -- yet another reason to come hang out with your fellow hams.

John, W8LWX
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